Creative studio


Project on display : Black Sun – You and You

2017 / 4 min 50 / Advertisement

Turning time : 1 day and ½
Assembly time : 3 days
Made with : 1 RED Raven

Videographer : Maxime VAUX
With : Tamari Tchabukaidze, Félix Pérez, Guillaume Le Pape
Technical team : Louis Bergogné, Joan De Crane, Roxane Cornet, Walid Bekhti, Jean-Baptiste Sarda, Agnes Gaume, Quentin Gnassounou, Clarisse Delile, Maëva Royère, Esther Babulik, Olivier Buchet-Couzy, Gregory Gaby, Théo Deslus, Maxime Vayer, Quentin Darredeau, Pierre Dumaire, Martine Pourchet

Synopsis :
An artist is haunted by the memory of a woman until one night…