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Project on display : Tous entrepreneurs : Weekend

2018 / 1 min 59 / Events

Turning time : 2 days
Assembly time : 3 days
Made with : 1 GH5 and 1 EVA

Videographer : Maxime Vaux, Marie Galceran
With :
Technical team :

Synopsis :
Entrepreneurship, young people, a whole weekend. That is the goal of Tous entrepreneurs.

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“Empower yourself” is the motto of Article 1, whom we’ve supported since our beginnings 4 years ago. This motto, this first “SIGN” has always guided the aesthetics we’ve created for them. One of Tous Entrepreneur’s new programs aims to develop student entrepreneurship. For one of these weekend-long events, we created a reminiscent aesthetics of hip hop music videos and the movie Humans by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.