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Reveal your identity

Working on your uniqueness is our vision of creation..

At Signs, we create videos with a true artistic direction to bring out what makes you unique : your signs.

Our method


We find your SIGNS :

We identify the elements that make you different and promote your singularity.


We show you how to bring them out :

We look for the most resemblant aesthetics to you in order to reveal your identity.


We shape your aesthetics :

Creating a sensory bond with your audience is the cornerstone of our work.

Project example

Sports advertising video

  • Client : Quentin Lafargue – Cycling world champion
  • Context : Create a short introductory video showing the cyclist’s discipline and commitment as part of his interventions in the corporate world.

Video shooting time : 2 days
Editing time : 3 days


Quentin Lafargues’s SIGNS. :

  • Success is built in front of empty seats.
  • Surpassing yourself is an everyday effort.
  • Being at a world championship finale is a training extension and not its ultimate goal.
  • Go back to training after a finale.


The visual world that will make Quentin unforgettable :

  • Sports ads about effort.
  • Sports ads that promote the emotions generated by success and the celebration of a victory.


Our way to create a unique sensory connection :

  • Creating a gap between the training and the final race by making the training part stand out.
  • Turning the stadium into an introspective space that would represent mental effort.

Wanna see another project ?

Project example

Video – Event

  • Client : Tous entrepreneurs – from the group Article 1
  • Context : Tous entrepreneurs organizes weekend-long events to help young entrepreneurs develop their projects.

Video shooting time : 1 ½ days
Editing time : 3 days


Tous entrepreneurs’ SIGNS. :

  • “Empower yourself” is one of the program’s motto.
  • Showing their diversity and complementarity.


The visual world related to Tous entrepreneurs :

  • Hip hop music videos, pedestal down shots and participants posing.
  • The imagery of Yann Arthis-Bertrand’s Humans


Our way to create a unique sensory connection :

  • Bring energy to the video using upwards camera movements to counterbalance the participant’s statism during the event.
  • Using music videos as an influence by alternating working sessions with dancing moments.
  • Alternate working sequences with posing shots to show the participants’ determination.

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