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Find your visual influences to create your identity

28 April 2020

Company manager, entrepreneur, communications director: you love cinema. I know it 😉

And many of you would like Mission Impossible directed by Brian De Palma. What makes a movie good ?

The director’s genius? No. Above all, he knows how to find inspirations that he will revisit. (cf Le ciné-club de M. Bobine)

Well in audiovisual communication, it’s the same. You have to find your references to create your own style.

Example with The School of Recruitment.

Client for 4 years and now 2 years in com outsourcing.

One day in a meeting, the marketing team presents us with a new brief:

  • Honor one of their flagship product “Le Parcours”.
  • Show its benefits for the world of recruitment.
  • Finally, transmit their identity: energetic, resourceful, creative, taking pleasure in transmitting.

The catch? Lots of information to transmit, very little video time, high risk of causing epilepsy.

How to proceed ? Flash back:

From our first creations with them we focused their aesthetics on two axes:

  1. Overflowing energy, almost “teenager film” effect in appearance.
  2. Constant distancing from classic corporate videos.

Why ? To enhance their rebellious and passionate side. With them you will learn differently, and above all, with passion.
With them, a whole section of the recruitment world opens up to you. For this, we were inspired by videographers such as JR Alli.

These videos combine boundless energy, impactful visual effects and electronic music conducive to relaxation.

Ideal for conveying the idea of ​​personal development.
An idea dear to LEDR.

Back to the present:

Create an animation video. It seemed to us to be the ideal solution.

This allows to :

  • effectively convey key messages
  • be playful
  • develop another side of their style

It was therefore necessary to find a new reference.

Coming most of us from a filmmaking background, our first reference was Norman McLaren.

What we like about McLaren’s style is first of all the perfect rhythm between animation of forms and music. This is an idea dear to SIGNS. It allows you to create immersive and sensory videos.

The shapes are transformed at will to the rhythm of the music. It conveys a creative feeling of passion and pleasure. Fully in line with the LEDR values.

The first reference was found.

Then we looked for contemporary references in the com ’.
We had to look at companies sharing values ​​close to that of LEDR.

The most suitable reference we found was Frichti.

A young French company with similar growth and ambition.
A rebellious state of mind who wants to change the culinary vision of ready-to-eat but who wants to do it with pleasure and passion.

They produced an animation video linked to MacLaren’s aesthetics:
he plays with the shift and the setback that we were looking for.

We were inspired by it to involve the spectator:

  • Call him out.
  • Break the pace.
  • Create powerful catchphrases.

All that remained for us to do was to use the graphics from The Recruiting School created by Pierre-Luc Hertzog to find the right style of animation.

Did you find the similarities between our references and our creation? 🙂


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