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Project on display : LEDR : La source

2019 / 1 min 36 / Animation

Turning time : 1 day
Assembly time : 3 days
Made with : 1 GH5 and 1 EVA

Videographer : Maxime Vaux, Rémi Linares, Ariane Salomon, Alejandro Tellez
With :
Technical team :

Synopsis :
An event organized by LEDR focusing on sourcing specialists.

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La Source was a new challenge for us. It is both an event that must maintain the aesthetics that L’école du recrutement already has and generate a new concept. Two of our videographers were sent there to capture the energy of the moment. We regularly work on this school’s communications outsourcing. Thanks to this, we were able to create a video representing both LEDR and The Source.